“I have worked with Kaspa over the last year and found his approach to be ethical, genuine and able to facilitate change in others.  I would recommend him as a therapist and feel that his knowledge of mindfulness only enhances his work.”

Lucy Walker, Supervisor


“Kaspa’s approach to his work displays attentiveness, thoughtfulness and willingness to be in relationship with the client. His transactions with others shows a sensitivity but also robustness that seems to come with a clear sense of his own identity.  I value the intent of Kaspalita to engage with the client just as they are, in a psychologically game free way. He has a boundaried approach which is obviously valued by clients.

In short Kaspa is a kind, compassionate, and interested practitioner.

Deborah Herbert MSc (Psych); RGN, RMN


“I recommend Kaspa. [He] is very skilled in listening, asking timely questions and making occasional inspired suggestions. His intuitive and caring approach has helped me to find greater clarity and purpose around every issue I have brought to our sessions.”

Andy Paice, Natural Insight Coaching


“Kaspalita is a Buddhist priest in good standing with the Amida Order within which he has proved himself to be a reliable, compassionate and skilled friend to all, sincere and dedicated in practice and with a wide range of talents that he is happy to use for the common good. It is a great pleasure to have him as a companion on the path.”

Dharmavidya David Brazier, author of Zen Therapy and Head of the Amida Order.